Epson EB-982W - User Manual

Epson EB-982W Projector – User Manual in pdf format, read online free of charge. We hope it will help you to solve any questions you may have when operating the equipment.

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Raise the bar with this bright and scalable, 4,200 lumens, WXGA 
projector, that offers multiple connectivity solutions and is 
simple to set up.

Optimise your presentation's potential with this bright WXGA projector that’s 
capable of producing a large and scalable screen size. Excessive downtime is a 
thing of the past with this reliable projector that can deliver years of use before a 
replacement lamp is required or the air filter needs attention. It has a range of 
connectivity solutions and is fuss free to set up.

Excellent visibility for every presenter

With this WXGA projector, content will be bright, vivid and clear, ensuring that 
everyone can engage with the audience. Providing excellent visibility, this 
projector is scalable up to 280 inches and is bright even in high ambient lighting 
conditions. It’s all thanks to the high 4,200-lumen output and 16,000:1 contrast 

Minimal maintenance

Our reliable projectors and long-lasting lamps help to eliminate downtime and 
unnecessary service costs. Imagine what you could achieve with minimal 
interruptions - our projectors provide years of use before a replacement lamp is 

Easy set up

Every working environment is different so you need a display solution that is 
simple to set up and position. With our wide 1.6x optical zoom and 
vertical/horizontal keystone correction, it's easy to get up and running quickly.

Utilise multiple devices

Capture your audiences' attention and nurture a collaborative environment with 
hassle-free connectivity solutions. With the iProjection App


, it’s easy to display 

content from PCs and smart devices. The split-screen function can be utilised to 
show content from multiple devices simultaneously, while the moderator function 
lets you review content before it is displayed.


4,200lm and 16,000:1 contrast ratio 
vivid display

3LCD technology and equally high White 
and Colour Light Output

Minimal maintenance

Years of uninterrupted use before 
maintenance is required

Flexible installation

Horizontal/vertical keystone correction 
and 1.6x optical zoom

Enhanced connectivity

Dual HDMI ports, RJ-45 Ethernet, 
optional wireless connectivity

Collaborative features

iProjection App


, split-screen function, 

moderator function

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