Defender FreeMotion B801 - User Manual

Defender FreeMotion B801 Headphones – User Manual in pdf format, read online free of charge. We hope it will help you to solve any questions you may have when operating the equipment.

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FreeMotion B801

Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset


User Manual 

Руководство по продукту

Read the user manual and keep all the printed manuals for the future reference. 

This manual contains important information about safety precautions and health 

effect of the purchased Defender device.


When receiving the product make sure there are no free moving objects in the 


Do not expose the product to mechanical stress that can lead to its mechanical 

damage. Mechanical damage is not covered by warranty. 

Avoid damp, humidity, moisture, vibration, extreme temperatures and mechanical 


Use and store the product in dry location with air humidity 20-90%, avoid 


The normal operation and storage temperature range is +5…+40º С without 


If the product was transported during subzero weather, keep it in a warm room (+16-

25º С) for 3 hours before use. 

Do not disassemble the product! It doesn’t have any parts, which are subjected to self-

repairing. For any service or replacement of a defective product contact the distributor 

or Defender authorized service center.

Turn off the product every time you plan to store it for a long period of time. 

Long-term exposure to high-power sound may cause temporary or permanent hearing 


Turn off the wireless device before emplaning or placing it into the luggage. 

The product may contain small parts that pose risk for children under 3 years old. Do 

not give the product to children. 

The product is not for industrial, medical or manufacturing use. 

DIsposAl of bATTERIEs, ElEcTRIcAl AnD ElEcTRonIc EquIpMEnT

This sign on the product, its batteries or package indicates that the product 

cannot be disposed together with domestic waste. It should be delivered to 

an appropriate batteries, electrical and electronic equipment collecting and 

recycling company.

pAckAgE conTEnTs

• Headset with microphone

• Cable for headset wired connection

• Micro-USB charging cable

• User manual


Bluetooth version: V3.0+EDR

Supported profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP

If it asks for the password enter 0000 or simply confirm your choice. 

If the pairing is not successful, turn off the mobile phone and the headset and repeat all 

the steps again. After the devices are successfully paired, they are ready to use. You only 

need to pair the headset with your phone just once. 

It is necessary to install an additional program to use USB-Bluetooth adaptor in 

Windows. In most cases you’ll need to install BlueSoleil or the software making a part of 

the delivery set of your product. 

Every time you turn the headset on, it will be automatically connected with the last two 

paired devices. 

nfc connection

If your mobile phone or tablet supports NFC, than connect the headset as follows:

Turn on the headset. Turn on the NFC-function on your mobile phone. 

Find NFC-antenna on your mobile phone and touch the antenna 10 on your headset 

with it. The mobile phone will turn the headset on itself and offer you to proceed with 

the connection. 

Wired connection of the headset

If the battery of the headset is discharged or your PC does not support Bluetooth you 

can connect the headset with a cable, but all the control buttons on the headset will be 


calls through bluetooth headset

Last number redial: 

Shortly press button 5 two times. 

Volume control:

 Shortly press button 6 or 7. 

Answer an incoming call: 

Shortly press the multifunction button 5.

Ending a call: 

Shortly press the multifunction button 5.

Call rejection:

 Press and hold the multifunction button 5 within 1 second.

listening to music


Shortly press the multifunction key 5.

Next/Previous track: 

Shortly press button 2 or 3.

Volume control: 

Shortly press button 6 or 7. 

processes indication

Red LED:

 Charging is in process. 

Blue LED: 

Charging is completed.

Red and blue LEDs blink alternately: 

The headset is available to other devices and can be 

paired to them.

Blue LED blinks twice every few seconds:

 No device connected.

Red and blue LEDs blink alternately every 2 seconds: 

Setting of HFP and A2DP connection.

Blue LED blinks twice every 20 seconds: 

Low Battery.

Tone sound

The tone sound which you hear every 20 second notifies you about the low battery. 

Operating frequency: 2.402-2.480 GHz (2.4 GHz ISM-band) 

Diameter of speaker, mm: 12

Operation range, m: 10

Power supply: internal lithium battery

Talk time/ Audio playback, h: 7/ 7

Charging time, h: 2.5

Micro-USB charger port

I. DEsIgn

1. Adjustable headband

2. Next track button

3. Previous track button

4. LED indicator / USB charging port

5. Multifunction button. Functions: on/off, answer a call, end a call, reject a call, last 

    dialed number, play/pause music. 

6. Volume up button

7. Volume down button

8. Built-in microphone

9. Audio jack for cable connection (for wired connection)

10. NFC-antenna

charging with the usb-cable

If you charge the battery for the first time, please make sure that it is fully charged 

before you start using the headset. 

Insert the USB-cable into the PC USB-port with the absorbed current up to 0.5 A. 

Connect the other end of the cable to the headset. Red LED-indicator will be turned on. 

The charging is in process. 

When the headset is fully charged, the LED-indicator changes its colour for blue. 

Turning on/off 

Press and hold button 5 for 3 seconds. 

pairing to a bluetooth device 

Make sure that the headset is off. Press and hold button 5 for 6 seconds until the AC 

signal of the LED-indicator is on. 

Activate Bluetooth on your tablet or mobile phone and start searching for a new device. 

Select the Bluetooth headset from the list and confirm the connection. 

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